Morning Session: Central Bank Money on the Blockchain

Björn Segendorff, Central Bank Digital Currencies – a Case Study    Slides     Riksbank’s ekrona report

Klaus Löber, CBDC – Models and Implications for Payment Infrastructures  Slides

Claudio Tessone, From the Emergent Centralisation of Bitcoin to the Limits of Blockchain-based Systems  Slides

Dirk Niepelt, Central Bank Digital Currencies – A Monetary Policy and Financial Stability Perspective   Slides

Corinne Zellweger-Gutknecht, CBDC – An Outline of Legal Issues  Slides

Afternoon Session: securities on the Blockchain

Alexandra Hachmeister, Blockchain Activities of Deutsche Börse Group  Slides

Roman Bischoff, The OTC Swiss Blockchain Project  Slides

Beat Bannwart, UBS Utility Settlement Coin  Slides

Vic Arulchandran, End-to-End Automation of Financial Securities  Slides

Andreas Glarner, Regulation  Slides

Philipp Paech, Property and Insolvency Law  Slides

Hans Kuhn, Conflict of Laws   Slides